Projects & Tasks

Organise your Projects efficiently

The Vantage Cloud project tracking system compliments our workflow module to deliver a simple yet efficient application that can enable you to better manage and share information. Keep an overall view of your timeline as well as distribute smaller tasks amongst your team to ensure customer deliveries and infrastructure upgrades get pulled off without a hitch. By centralising all of your planning activities, you can take advantage of the time saving benefits of distributing big projects amongst your team no matter where they are or what device they are using.

One of the most flexible CRM systems on the market
A safer investment for your business

Split big jobs in to smaller tasks in order to efficiently distribute the load and ultimately hit your deadlines. Quickly add small reminder tasks for better forward planning and piece of mind.
Gantt Charting
Export your data and view your project as a Gantt chart with one click in order to give the whole team a top down view of what needs to get done.
Share Your Diary
Print and share project and user calendars with each other and check the availability to schedule in tasks or record outages.
Your data, your way
All of your data can be exported at any time from any page. Our clever wizard also allows you to import your data in CSV format to any module.

The process that works for you

Most businesses who buy an off the shelf software platform are forced to shape their business around how their software works. We realise that most organisations get their competitive edge from being able to streamline efficiency across their organisation and standardise their work processes. The Vantage Cloud workflow wizards are designed to be as accommodating as possible for our clients. By allowing you to customise which information is stored at each step of a workflow – it allows your clients and users to follow a simple step by step process designed by you to accomplish tasks. With the option to add in smart processes it also allows you to trigger events at any stage such as an email alert, log a task, create a ticket or even mark a project as completed.

Communication is key

Almost every module in Vantage Cloud has a notes tab. On here, both colleagues and customers can share information about a record as well as flag up important information for anyone browsing the system. What’s more – notes can be marked as internal to ensure privacy whilst allowing centralisation of information.

Have a question in mind?

Can I sync my existing calendar?

We offer integration with Google calendar and Office 365 to enable the system to automatically create appointments and reminders in your chosen email client.

Can the system automatically create tasks?

The platform is flexible enough to create tasks, tickets and alerts based on events. Also as part of our workflow module projects, tasks and tickets can be generated as part of the delivery process.

How can I prioritise my task list?

You can either manually setup a priority based on the preconfigured levels or have the system upgrade tasks as they get closer to their due date..

Can I assign project tasks to other users?

Tasks can be assigned to teams, users as well as combination of the two. By giving you the flexibility to assign tasks to multiple users simultaneously it can allow users to share workloads effortlessly.