Giving you the Edge

To support customers throughout the full service lifecycle, Vantage Cloud includes advanced Ethernet delivery workflows, incident management, a fully featured CRM system, network monitoring and much much more.

It is the only proposition that can enable you to deliver live quoting directly from your providers to your customers whilst keeping 100% of your margin.

Let Vantage Cloud help drive your Customer Success!

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A Secure and Trustworthy Platform to Support Your Business

Infinite Scalability

By utilising the power of the cloud, our system can be used by anyone, anywhere and on any device. Whether you are in a client meeting, on a train or in a datacentre, you'll always have full access to your data when you need it.

Communication is Key

Each module in Vantage Cloud enables users to share information as well as flag up important messages for others who are browsing the system. What’s more – notes can be marked as internal to ensure privacy whilst keeping all of your data in one place.

Lightweight, Efficient and Full of Data

Our flexible platform allows you to customise the information you store about your customers and products. You can add your own fields quickly and easily without the long wait and costs associated with tailoring traditional software packages.

A Process that Works for You

When buying off the shelf software, many companies can find themselves being restricted to running their business the way the application has been designed to work. We realise that most organisations get their competitive edge from being able to streamline and standardise processes in a way that best serves their customers. The Vantage Cloud workflow module is fully customisable and designed to be as flexible as possible to best fit your needs, making even the most complex processes simple.

Instant Access to Your Data

We believe that even the smallest amount information about your business has the potential to improve planning and growth. Our entire platform is based around API interfaces that come free of charge to all customers as standard. These enable you to develop your own applications as well as connect Vantage Cloud to your other business software in order to safeguard your investment and eradicate the costs associated with customising traditional business software.

Our affordable, flexible and easy to use platform can enable any size business to offer highly complex solutions without the need for a large investment in infrastructure, training and staff.

A Safe and Secure Environment

We take security extremely seriously and are always exploring new ways to eradicate the risk of disruption. Vantage Cloud features a number of security measures including behavioural analysis, advanced logging and one-way encryption algorithms in order to minimise risk. In addition, we have instructed a number of third parties to validate both the development and production environments we manage to industry standards. We are currently in the process of obtaining ISO27001, Cyber Essentials +, IASME and OWASP accreditations in order to validate our commitment to keeping your information safe.