Keep your finger on the pulse

We’ve taken one of the most intricate and affordable SNMP monitoring systems on the market and developed our own modifications to make it work much more efficiently for your business. By improving the usability of the system and making it multi-tenantable, we can deliver your business an SNMP monitoring tool that is full of clever features designed not only to be used internally but also by your clients and partners.

Proactively prevent failures and plan for growth


Configurable to send messages via SMS or Email, the alerting module will make sure your team are kept informed when something goes wrong. Available for metrics such as CPU, Memory, Storage, Interface Bandwidth and Port Erroring, your support staff can keep be informed night or day of anything untoward in your network.

95th Percentile Billing

Keep track of 95th percentile statistics across as many ports as you like with the ability to aggregate multiple port averages. Avoid the shock from your transit provider when you go over your base bandwidth and bill on internet bandwidth to customers on a per interface basis

Domain, SSL & App Monitoring

Avoid the embarrassment of a premature SSL certificate expiry and ensure you domain whois records are up to date. Our application level monitoring features can also keep check of web, domain, database, mail, radius and file servers to help you diagnose performance issues.

Smart Diagnostics

Empower your business with the ability to perform diagnostics on circuits, DNS records and cloud servers with the suite of tools designed to help detect faults and misconfigurations within a few clicks. Perform TAM and line tests on broadband circuits, check DNS records for misconfigured SPF entries, ensure your radius server has been setup correctly. All of these tests are available to be run by your support team and even your clients. Enable partners and their customers to complete their own checks before getting in contact with you.

Infinite Scalability

By utilising the power of the cloud your new system is available to by used by anyone, anywhere and on any device. Whether you are a salesman in a client meeting, a director on a train or an engineer in a datacentre, you get full access to your platform when you need it. To ensure maximum availability, each vantage cloud setup is hosted across at least two independent cloud providers and load balanced for efficiency. What’s more as your business grows we can control the cost of upgrading your platform by simply assigning more resource from the cloud.

Have a question in mind?

When will it be ready?

Vantage Cloud is being launched on 27th September 2016 at Convergence Summit South. On the day, our team will be on hand to provide live demonstrations and answer any questions you may have. For more information visit https://www.channel-live.co.uk/.

How long is the contract?

All our plans come as part of a 12 month contract. We realise that investing in any new platform can be a big decision for any business. For this reason all our contracts can be cancelled after the first 3 months with no fees just to make sure you're happy.