Engineering Tools

A Swiss Army Knife for Engineers

Our engineering module consists of a suite of tools specifically built for telecom’s engineers to better manage their complex duties. Eliminate the need for lots of systems by keeping customer asset information such as serial numbers, ip addresses, vlan’s and port assignments in a single and easy to use module which is easy to get to even in the darkest of server rooms.

IP Address Management

As Public IPv4 Address space becomes more scarce, the requirement to forward plan and review IP address allocation is becoming ever more important. Until IT companies begin to fully adopt IPv4 worldwide, businesses will only be able to grow though efficient management of their IP estate. Our IP Address Management System enables engineers to allocate document and relate IPv4 ranges to customers in the system as well as provide important forecasting information so that managers and CTO’s know how long they have before they need to start investing in more space.

Simplify and Maintain Information in one place

Keep Track of Your Assets

Knowing your company has assets is one thing but knowing where they are, what they are and how long they’ve been there is quite another. The Vantage Cloud assets system keeps track of your hardware and software in a simple interface which can be bespoke to store the information you need. Calculate depreciation and access support information such as service tags and serial numbers quickly and easily by assigning each asset to the customer and branch office where they are in use.

VLANs, VRFs and Realms

Keeping an inventory of which VLANs are in use by which customer and where in the network is essential to prevent potential network disruption. Vantage Cloud allows you to keep a centralised database of each of you VLANs, VRFs, Rack and Cable references all in one place that can be accessed by both engineers and provisioning staff with ease. In addition customer Broadband realms can be requested and setup to integrate with the real time provisioning capabilities of the ordering system.

DNS & SSL Certificates

Due to the fact that domains usually do not get updated that often, sometimes information about who manages the domain and where the credentials are can easily be misplaced. Our domain tracking module keeps an eye on your active domains and SSL certificates and provides you with handy reminders to when they are close to expiry. Additionally our DNS API can automatically make changes to DNS records directly from within the platform.

Access your business data from anywhere

Our goal is to ensure that your business can get access to information no matter where you are. By making our platform responsive, your clients and colleagues can access information on PCs, laptops and mobiles. Whether you are a salesman in front of a customer or an on-call engineer, all your data can be available in a few clicks (or taps).

Have a question in mind?

Does it support IPv6?

Vantage Cloud is being launched on 27th September 2016 at Convergence Summit South. On the day, our team will be on hand to provide live demonstrations and answer any questions you may have. For more information visit https://www.channel-live.co.uk/.

Can I setup IP address pools?

All our plans come as part of a 12 month contract. We realise that investing in any new platform can be a big decision for any business. For this reason all our contracts can be cancelled after the first 3 months with no fees just to make sure you're happy.