Customer Relationship Management

All your client information in one place

Keeping in touch with your customers can be one of the most important tasks in your day. Our CRM system gives you a single interface to find, update and report on your customers, suppliers and even your competitors.

Lightweight, Efficient and full of information

Storing important information about your clients can give you a competitive edge. Vantage Cloud allows you to customise the information you keep to make sure no detail is missed. Whether you need to store the number of seats at a customer branch or information about a client’s existing infrastructure, you can add your own fields quickly and easily without the costs and timescales associated with tailoring traditional software packages.

Packed with useful features to help your business thrive

Linked Records

In order to make navigation as simple as possible, each module gives you instant access to related information. For example, from within a company record you can quickly review all tickets, contacts, branches, assets, projects, tasks, services, quotes and even orders.

Contacts and Licenced Users

Each package comes with a set number of licences which represent a single user with access to the system. Contacts can be converted to licenced users and vice versa within a couple of clicks without the need to delete any data.

Branch Locations

Link all of your records to a branch location in order to provide real time inventory of your estate. Run a report on a branch, contact or company to see all related data such as contacts, assets and services.

One of the most flexible systems on the market.
A safe investment for your business.

Store All of Your Data
Keep important customer, supplier and contact information within easy reach for you and your colleagues. Assign contacts to branches and see all relational information on one screen.
See what your customers see
Support to your clients with Vantage Cloud's clever emulation feature. Login as them to see the interface exactly as they do to provide a first class level of support.
Companies House API
Import UK company and director information directly from Companies House with just a few clicks. Set alerts to be notified when information gets updated.
Your data, your way
All of your data can be exported at any time from any page. Our clever wizard also allows you to import data from CSV format to get you up and running in no time.

Safe and Secure

At the core of our system is the ability to restrict access to to any feature. Our proprietary permissions algorithm ensures that no customer can see any data that is not directly related to them or their customers. Modules and features can also be restricted at a company level, cascading access to all of their customers and users within one simple click. In addition, each user can have their own set of permissions assigned to them to ensure they only get access to the data they need.

Have a question in mind?

Can I import my contacts?

All of your existing customer data can be imported either via CSV, text file or via an API connection. You can also use the Vantage Cloud API to push data into the platform.

Can I download my data?

All of your data can be downloaded or exported at any time. Each module has a facility for sorting, filtering and downloading data in CSV format however you can also use the API to pull the data out dynamically.

What is a licenced user?

A licenced user is a contact that can login to the system. Contacts can be converted to licenced users with a quick change and will then be able to login using their email address and password.

Can I create my own fields?

Within the system you can add your own fields to almost any module. You can also rename, sort, hide and export data from these fields all from within the user interface.