Platform Features

Our pricing module has been developed extensively to suit both large and small organisations.
Price plans can be chosen automatically based on company, team, parent company or domain and can be calculated either based on a fixed amount or percentage markup.

Dynamic products can feed base pricing automatically from 3rd party APIs and bespoke package builders can simplify complex products for both internal staff and customers.
Our platform structure allows you to give out login credentials to partners, customers and subsidiaries to create and grow your partner channel without the headache of processing quotes and orders via email.

Our Consumer / SME Portal is designed to give customers a client area for them to view their bills, change their WiFi settings, speak to support and upgrade their services.
In order to safely automate back-end processes, Vantage incorporates IPv4 / IPv6, VLAN, VRF and interconnect management modules.

By scanning SNMP services, radius databases, supplier records and in-flight orders, the system can accurately verify if resources are being used anywhere in the network prior to committing any changes.
Automation can bring many benefits including a reduction in errors, the freeing up of staff resources and assurance of a reliable delivery each and every time.

We aim to design a process that works effortlessly with your business systems. Once the framework for your products has been drafted, we start to automate each step at a pace that is comfortable for you.

We have successfully fully automated many services for our clients including broadband internet, SIP, mobile, software, hardware distribution and cloud server provisioning.
We have worked with a number of UK distributors and helped them to automate shipping and ordering. This provides clients with the ability to request a device be preconfigured and shipped directly to site avoiding the need to re-box and hold stock of equipment.

By utilising technology such as TR-069, devices such as routers, switches and SIP phones can automatically download their configuration as soon as they are connected to the internet allowing for the rapid deployment of hardware at a minimal cost.
We strongly recommend our customers invest in a functional billing platform in order to accurately generate tax returns and end of year financials.

Vantage Cloud does support the billing of subscription products such as internet circuits, software and services, but is usually used in tandem with a supported billing system to minimise the amount of manual data entry required.

As an added bonus, by linking your billing platform to Vantage Cloud, you can provide your clients with the ability to view their invoices from within their customer portal.

Onboarding Process

We have experience working with large and smaller organisations and have integrated with over 100 different 3rd party products.

As part of your initial discussions with us, we will try our best to estimate how long it will take to build and deploy our platform into your organisation.

We will usually set up a series of staggered milestones so you can start benefiting from our features as soon as possible.

Our previous deployment timeframes have ranged from a few weeks to a few months.
As standard, we host our platform using a 3rd party cloud infrastructure provider with a presence in London.

We also allow our clients to host the platform themselves however apply a monthly surcharge to cover the remote management of the infrastructure.

We are more than happy to host it for you and move it to your infrastructure at a later date if required.
We try to make our software as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

As each of our customers has a unique combination of providers, products and software it is difficult to provide comprehensive training material that accurately reflects the interface of each client.

We suggest allocating key personnel to be responsible for training your staff and we will work to support them online.
Security is extremely important to us and we would not want your data to get misplaced.

We have a configurable security policy governing passwords and trusted IPs and support a number of 3rd party authentication services such as Google, Microsoft, reCaptcha and multi-factor SMS.
Email templates, domains, documents, price plans, logos, contact information and colour schemes can all be configured to reflect your organisation's brand identity.

You can even re-brand the interface for your partners to give them their own unique experience.

For our Consumer / SME Portal, our design team will personally replicate your existing website design to save you time and money.

Integrations and APIs

An extensive list of the majority of products we integrate with can be found on the Integrations page.

We are always looking to expand our platform so if a product your business uses is not listed, let us know and we'll investigate adding it in.
As a general rule, if the provider has an API we will usually try to get it embedded into our system.

In situations where no API is available, we can look into building an API for you or exploring other ways of "pseudo-automating" the process to improve efficiency.
Yes! We will initially try to connect as many of your platforms together as possible to synchronise your business data.

In the event we cannot consume the data via API, we can import it for you from either a database or set of files.
We do! We will never try to create a barrier between you and your data (as long as it's secure) and can set up API endpoints for your other business software to consume.

Many of our clients have software developers in house who are able to build intelligent business apps based on the data inside Vantage Cloud.
Not at all. Our goal is not to replace your existing software but to enhance it and make it work better for you.

We suggest running our platform for at least six months before deciding if you can save money by removing other products from your organisation.
We work extremely hard to keep your data safe. We are UKAS ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified and carry out regular audits to identify any weaknesses in our networks.
Vantage UKAS ISO 9001 certificationVantage UKAS ISO 27001 certification

Our architecture is purposely built using industry-standard frameworks that are widely used to enhance the level of development resource committed to potential vulnerabilities.

Pricing and Support

We have a standard licence model that we use for all of our customers.
The licence fee is charged per user each month and is available to buy in blocks of 25 users.

Our Consumer / SME Portal has a separate pricing structure to keep costs down and is billed per service each month.

The more services / users added, the less you will pay for each licence.
There are setup costs associated with the platform which cover the costs of embedding our technology within your business.

Certain 3rd party APIs we do charge for if they require work to onboard.
There are a number of APIs such as data quoting, authentication and ancillary service providers for which we do not charge any setup fees.
We understand that your organisation may need to react quickly in difficult times. We are happy to support our clients and review licence subscriptions if needed.
Our standard contract term is 12 months.
We review our client's users monthly and won't increase your subscription without letting you know in advance.

This gives you the freedom to review who has access to the platform before being billed for licences you may not need.
We provide a standard SLA document as part of your contract with us detailing all our support channels and escalation procedures.

In the first few months, we usually arrange a weekly conference call for your team to share any issues or questions they may have.

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